Re|Bank is a supporter of the international street art festival "Tbilisi Mural Fest"

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Re|Bank has been a supporter of the international street art festival "Tbilisi Mural Fest" since its inception. The goal of the festival is to turn the city into an exhibition space and leave a trace of modern art on the post-soviet architecture.

Same as the previous years, walls will be painted by 8 well-known international and local street artists.The festival will last until October 4. The project is supported by Tbilisi City Hall.

The list of artists and walls to be paintedare as follows:

· Sasha Korban, Ukraine – 20 Aug – 04 Sep, 75 Chavchavadzest.;

· Tina Chertova, Georgia 20 Aug – 01 Sep, 12 Bakhtrioni st.

· Fintan Magee, Australia 25 Aug – 10 Sep, 12 Bakhtrioni st., Fintan is sponsored byRe|Bank;

· David Machavariani & Kade 90 Collaboration of two Georgian artists, 29Aug-10 Sep, 24 Chonkadze st.;

· Mohamed I. Ghacham, Spain 08 Sep – 19 Sep, 31 Makashvilist.;

· Kozdos, Venezuela 08 Sep – 25 Sep, 1 Mindeli st.;

· Vesod, Italy 30 Sep – 04 Oct, 18 Tabidze st.;

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