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China Covid: Xi's face-saving exit from his signature policy

If you want to know what the government's Covid plan is in China, look at what it does rather than what it says.Take Beijing for example. There has not been a significant drop in infections, yet publi...

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Coronavirus in India
Different vaccines given to 20 in India jab mix up

Twenty people in north India have been given two different coronavirus jabs for their first and second doses.They were given a shot of Covishield (AstraZeneca) in early April, but then got the locally...

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Australia records 1,000th death from the pandemic

Australia has recorded its 1,000th death from the pandemic, as it struggles to contain Delta variant outbreaks.The country's 1,003 Covid deaths is a lower total than most other advanced nations, due i...

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President Joe Biden
President Biden's comments on vaccines fact-checked

In a televised speech, he said the unvaccinated were responsible for the rise in hospitalisations and made a series of claims about the US vaccine rollout. We've been checking them out. 'Before I took...

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France's former health minister Agnes Buzyn
Agnes Buzyn: France ex-health minister under investigation

France's former health minister is being formally investigated over the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic.Prosecutors looking into government failings are investigating Agnès Buzyn for "endangering th...

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კორონავირუსი დედამიწა
Stay home, World! Let's be united and defeat the COVID-19 together!

Our world, which for centuries has witnessed bloody wars and various diseases that have claimed the lives of millions of people, faces a serious test - a threat in the face of the coronavirus pandemic...

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