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Chairman of the „National Movement“
Nika Melia: "I am very sorry that the President of Lithuania did not arrive in Georgia on May 26"

How did Georgia meet on May 26, the day of state independence, and what is the significance of the address of the leaders of the leading Western countries to the Georgian people, the strategic partner...

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The Geopolitics of Climate Change
The Geopolitics of Climate Change

By tackling climate change and biodiversity loss, everyone will be better off, thanks to better jobs, cleaner air and water, fewer pandemics, and improved health and well-being. But, as with any broad...

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US Ambassador to Georgia Kelly Degnan, Karl Hartzel EU Representative in Georgia
Joint Statement by the Facilitators of the Political Dialogue

The facilitators of the political dialogue are responding to the release of Gigi Ugulava and Irakli Okruashvili with a joint statement. "We welcome today’s decision by the President of Georgia to use...

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Embassy of U.S

SFRC STAFF DIRECTOR MEETS WITH GEORGIAN OFFICIALS IN TBILISI TBILISI, Georgia – U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee Staff Director Chris Socha arrived in Tbilisi for discussions concerning the cur...

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"NATO did not invade Ukraine; NATO did not invade Georgia; NATO did not position forces in Moldova against the will of its people. Those are all things, among many others, that Russia has done in recent years" - U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken

Yesterday, US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Germany, Annalena Baerbock, held a joint press conference. During the conference, Secretary Blinken was asked about...

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About 60 Georgian citizens to return to Georgia from Kazakhstan today

According to the embassy, ​​about 60 Georgian citizens have purchased tickets for two flights, which will be operated today. The Kazakh authorities on January 4 announced a significant increase in the...

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გაერო საქართველო
Celebrating the 30th anniversary of Georgia’s accession to the United Nations and the UN Day

24 October marks United Nations Day.The annual event commemorates the founding in 1945 of the United Nations. This year United Nations Day is also a celebration of the 30th anniversary of Georgia’s ac...

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National Movement political council to hold session today

The session of the political council of the United National Movement will be held today. The meeting is scheduled for 15:00 at the party office. The day of the election of the chairman of the Nati­ona...

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Salome Zurabishvili: Society should be assessed according to the protection of the rights of all its members

The President of Georgia Salome Zurabishvili awarded Irina Kokhreidze, the main director of the inclusive theater Contact, a medal of honor. According to the Administration of the President of Georgia...

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A meeting of the foreign ministers of the European Union and Eastern Partnership countries, including Georgia, will be held in Brussels today

A meeting of the foreign ministers of the European Union and Eastern Partnership countries, including Georgia, will be held in Brussels today. According to the Council of the EU, the Eastern Partnersh...

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