Kakheti, Georgia: A Hidden Gem Among Wine Regions, According to Lonely Planet

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The prestigious travel publication recommends wine enthusiasts explore Georgia's ancient wine-making traditions.
Lonely Planet, a highly regarded travel publication, has recently highlighted Georgia's Kakheti region as one of the top 10 undiscovered wine regions in the world. While wine regions in France, Australia, and California are globally renowned, lesser-known regions like Kakheti offer unique experiences and centuries-old vineyards that deserve attention.

The article emphasizes the distinctiveness of Georgian wine, which boasts an 8,000-year history of wine-making using clay vessels. Georgian wine-making traditions have remained largely unchanged since ancient times, predating the Greeks' first attempts at crushing grapes. Even today, grape bunches are hand-picked, crushed by foot in a press, and then the grape juice is fermented in underground clay vessels.

Kakheti is considered Georgia's most important wine region, with the small town of Sighnaghi serving as its cultural capital. The town's charming cobbled streets are lined with wineries, inviting visitors to explore and taste the region's exquisite wines.

Lonely Planet encourages travelers to venture to Kakheti, advising them that the best wines are found not in plain sight but rather in jugs buried within the villages and backyards. This recommendation from Lonely Planet, which has over 10 million monthly readers and millions of followers on social media, is expected to draw wine enthusiasts worldwide to Georgia's enchanting Kakheti region.    

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