Re|Bank Continues to Support Homeless Animals

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Re|Bank Continues to Support Homeless Animals

Because of the lockdown regulations homeless animals have been left without food sources. Re|Bank decided to buy food for those animals and distribute it to the organizations and initiative groups that take care of stray animals countrywide: 

👉Homeless Animals Club

👉Initiative Group ‘For Lonely Animals’

👉Animal Liberation Georgia

“Pandemic and winter together have made it impossible for stray animals to get any food. The donation received from Re|Bank will be distributed in Tbilisi to the people who take daily care about homeless dogs and give them shelter. Re|Bank’s initiative is a good example of social responsibility and is vital to the homeless animals and their carers.” – Nana Dzirtkbilashvili, ‘Homeless Animals Club’.

“We want to thank Re|Bank for donating food to our annual charity event “Become Santa for Homeless Animals” which is aimed at collecting food donations and distributing it countrywide to feed the homeless cats and dogs.” – Tiko Kvaliashvili, representative of the ‘Animal Liberation Georgia’.

“On behalf of our team I would like to thank Re|Bank for being a socially responsible company and helping stray animals in need. Closing of the working spaces and restaurants have left the homeless animals without food. On the highways and in the outback they suffer even more. The food donated by Re|Bank will be distributed to several regions to feed the homeless. We hope that this collaboration will be a good example how taking care of the homeless animals may become a part of the company’s CSR direction.” – Mariam Tsertsvadze, co-organizer of the initiative group ‘For Lonely Animals’.

This is not the first time that Re|Bank takes care of stray animals. In October 2019 the Bankfunded the building and equippinga veterinary room in the Dog Organization Georgia shelter in which the basic diagnosis, vaccination and first aid treatments for the stray dogs are provided.

Re|Bank is a retail sub-brand by PASHA Bank that started operating in Georgia in August 2019. Alongside its standard banking products, it offers an innovative installment and credit card Top|Card to the customers.

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